Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Shoes For All Seasons

Some people wear the same pair of shoes every day until they fall apart. If you're like me, though, you change shoes every time you change your clothes.

I love a nice comfy pair of sneakers as much as the next person, I just can't live in them. When I get tired of tying laces, I mix it up with a pair of knee-high or ankle-cut boots for the spring. And I adore a nice comfortable pair of leather sandals on those hot summer days when socks would make my feet sweat. (You know the kind!) It's classic Autumn fashion to wear brown or black boots with skirts or jeans and I love to match those with soft, touchable-textured sweaters. Real leather makes for great waterproof boots, but faux leather is getting pretty good these days; I've got boots made out of both, and sometimes I forget which is which!

Whenever I go shoe shopping, I always keep the kids in mind. Shoes are very important for kids, too; they care less about the fashion aspect of course, but good, comfortable shoes are important to have during school when they have to walk from class to class all day. And whenever soccer season rolls around, I always have at least one pair of new soccer cleats to buy. Using last year's sounds like a good way to save money, but as any mom can tell you, kids grow very fast. Soccer season can end and by the time it rolls around again, your child has outgrown his old pair of cleats and needs a new pair.

Between sports shoes like the soccer cleats, tennis shoes and any formal footwear (like dress shoes for the kids for a wedding we attended) my kids have gone through at least a dozen pairs of shoes in the past few years alone.