Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tuesday Couch Potatoes : Girl Power

My pick for today's theme GIRL POWER is Mona Lisa Smile!

This movie starred Julia Roberts, Kirsten Dunst and Julia Stiles... It is an interesting movie to watch... as it challenges the norms and what people are used to.

Here is a summary taken from
Katherine Ann Watson has accepted a position teaching art history at the prestigious Wellesley College. Watson is a very modern woman, particularly for the 1950s, and has a passion not only for art but for her students. For the most part, the students all seem to be biding their time, waiting to find the right man to marry. The students are all very bright and Watson feels they are not reaching their potential. Altough a strong bond is formed between teacher and student, Watson's views are incompatible with the dominant culture of the college.

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Unknown said...

Ooo.. I love this film! It totally is a girlpower film! :D

kamz said...

i enjoyed watching mona lisa smile too. if i were a teacher at that time, i would also be frustrated to see my students just marry when they have so much potential for many other things. but i guess there is not much she can do about it for the norms in the 50s were far too strong and influential.

nice pick chris. thanks for joining us this week. next week, we will feature courtroom drama movies. till then, take care and happy tcp!

darly said...

Basta Julia Roberts movie, its my favorite.

My TCP is up too, check it here.

Enjoy the rest of the week, and remember- Girls Rule!!!

☆Mama Ko☆ said...

I have seen this one once only and it was okay. The characters are all bigs stars. Thanks for sharing chris mine is here

jo.frougal said...

Agree ako with Darly, basta andyan si Julia Roberts, type ko 'yan. ;)